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With or without pants you have the power to decide!

One year passed and here am I, with the promised post about the year without pants, Scott’s book about his experience at Automattic. Well, I have finished the book in May last year but I’ve been so caught up in my job and almost forgot about this.

However, there is never too late right?

I must say that the book inspired me and made me say that I’m definitely a person that will never work in an office. Working remote might sound like a joke for so many out there and indeed, not anyone is comfortable to work from home or from any other place on this earth, most likely this is because working in an office, helps to better differentiate work, family, home.

I’m not going to start narrating the book, it doesn’t make any sense – but for anybody that is already working remote and especially for those who are working in the web hosting industry – I strongly recommend you to read this book – for sure, it will inspire you.

At the end of the book you might want to work for Automattic and hey, you are lucky they are hiring.

I’ll wrap up this article by saying that it really worst to buy/read this book and by the way, if you have questions, concerns about remote work, about working in the hosting industry or anything else that you consider I can help, please do not hesitate to let me know 🙂 I will really be happy to meet new people and help them or at least change/share ideas.

The year without pants!

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