See you next time, Slovenia!

After ~4 hours driving through Slovenia, this is the last picture before the Italian border.

We were just in transit (by car, traveling to Italy) but on the first impression, Slovenia is  awesome – hope to visit Ljubljana at some point.


A few days in Sibiu – Romania

A few days ago, we decided to spend the last days of November in Sibiu – the first Romanian city designated to be European Capital of Culture, in 2007.

We wanted to visit Sibiu because we heard too many times about the Christmas Market but we never visited Sibiu for this event – for the 10th year in a row, the Sibiu Christmas Market brings out a festive atmosphere all around the market square. Each year, the event starts on 18th November and ends on 3rd January.

We attended to the Sibiu Christmas Market in November and not in December mostly because we decided to leave December for friends hangouts and family reunions.

We drove about 1000 km in 4 days but it really worths – the views are breath taking.

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Dragos, where are you?

I know it took me a while to write something but there were so many things happening in my life and each time I tried to write an article, something else appeared 🙂 – however now I did it!

First of all, I’m a proud and happy husband since August 21 – she said yes! It was a beautiful day full of emotions that surely will remain in memory for life. Continue reading