Long time no … Swift :)

It’s been a while since my last post and the weird part is that I’ve haven’t been on a vacation or something 🙂 Actually, I’ve worked very hard on some personal projects – of course, I’ll share them with you, but let’s take it step by step.

I’m in a very mysterious way … let’s say addicted to gadgets, programming languages and any piece of code or any little thing that can make my life easier or automate something 🙂 – that’s one of the reasons why I started to learn Swift.

I don’t want to become a full-time Swift developer but I like to be familiar with the code, or at least to understand what’s happening there if I see some Swift code – based on how often Swift gets updated and improved, I really believe in the next years, this will become a ‘must know’ if you want to create something awesome 🙂

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