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Start investing in Bitcoin, Etherum, Ripple, Stellar and many other coins with Coinbase

Nowadays, we’re living uncertain times. With this international COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, nobody knows how all this will end. However, one thing is sure, the economy will suffer many months from now on, if not year. Because of this, most people are looking for alternative ways to make some money or the ones that already have them, to keep them safe over time. Powerful people all around the globe have decided (even if nothing was made public) to invest in cryptocurrency, at least a small portion of their wealth.

What are you talking about? I’m interested, what cryptocurrency mean?

We are speaking about Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, or cryptocurrency, in general, and that’s nothing new anymore, or at least it shouldn’t be. I’m pretty sure anyone (even those that doesn’t own cryptocurrency) had heard about the bubble of Bitcoin back in 2017-2018 when the value of one single Bitcoin almost reached $20.000 – yes it was a fascinating period.

For those that are still confused and are not impressed at all about this, let me tell you something, ten years ago, the value of a Bitcoin was only $0.003. Let me do the math for you, if ten years ago by a mistake you have had spent $10 bucks on Bitcoin, you could purchase 3333 Bitcoins. Ten years later, 3333 Bitcoin x $20.000 = $66.660.000 – YES with a $10 investment, you could become a millionaire in 10 years – is not a joke, this happened in reality, many persons had Bitcoins, and when the bubble happened, they became millionaires.

We have an idea of what happens with this whole new market, but let’s dive deep into it. We will find that today, November 17, 2019, Bitcoin’s value is almost $8000, keep that in mind. In case you want to join the Cryptocurrency world, today, you must have a lot of money to buy at least 10-100 Bitcoins – with one single coin, in case of a price increase, the difference will not be so big. Because the price is so high, that’s pretty risky for a beginner to start investing in Bitcoin right away. The Bitcoin is now for most of the persons just a reference coin, we all want it, but only a few of us manage actually to get it :).

Bitcoin price history (2010-2019)
Bitcoin price history (2010-2019) – you can clearly see the price bubble.

However, there are many other crypto coins, and their value is only a couple of bucks. Because the price is quite low now, many people are investing in them. It’s a long term investment (you see, Bitcoin needed ten years to make the bubble), but I think it worths it if you find the market exciting, and you have a couple of bucks to invest ($50-$500).

Now, thanks to Coinbase, you can do this super easy and secure, and I will give you in the following lines, step by step details on:

  1. how to create your Coinbase account
  2. how to make your first deposit
  3. how to decide in which crypto coin to invest
  4. how to buy those crypto coins
  5. how to earn some more free coins

Stay comfortable in your chair, get your phone, and your card nearby (you will need it), and let’s go ahead with the setup.

NOTE: Following this article, you will get $10 in your Coinbase account as a bonus 🙂

How to create your Coinbase account

This is pretty simple, first of all click here and complete with your personal details.

Please make sure to correctly complete the form, with your real name (no nick names) and an e-mail address that you are sure you will not lose.

Treat this registration exactly like you treat your bank account – because in the end, that’s what Coinbase is, is like a bank account fo the future.

Once you’re ready, please click on Create Account button and continue with all the requests.

Once you will complete the registration, you will have to confirm your e-mail and link your card with the account – the first deposit will be smaller but you will be able to increase it on the go.

How to make your first Coinbase deposit?

This step looks a bit complicated at the beginning but it’s not. However, based on the region from where you are, they have some rules and this link will help you understand what you need to make your first deposit and buy some crypto currency. Anyway, in case you have issues doing this, and you need further assistance, here are their support phone lines:

+1 888 908-7930 (US/Intl)
0808 168 4635 (UK)

How to decide in which crypto coin to invest?

If you read this, most likely you have created the Coinbase account and that’s awesome! 👏

Now, let’s say you have deposited $20 bucks, I think you should select 2-3 coins that have values under $1 per coin, this way you can purchase multiple coins. As an example, you could purchase Stellar (XML) or Ripple (XRP) both have values under $1 per coin.

NOTE: do not expect to double your money in the next 1-2 months 🙂 take this as a long term investment, in case in the next 10 year the history repeats, and XRP or XML will produce a market bubble, at least you will not regret it.

Anyway, once you enter this market, you will want to get more details on each coin you have and here is a very good resource: you can make an idea on what’s going to happen and have conversation subjects with your friends that have crypto currencies as well.

How to buy these crypto coins?

That’s pretty easy, once you have the Coinbase account ready, you can simply login to your account and purchase the crypto you want. More than this, with Coinbase you can even automate the investment and tell Coinbase to do it for you.

Just take a couple of minutes and explore the Coinbase dashboard you will find it’s pretty easy to understand what you can do with that.

You can even take the app on your phone – and do this form there, no necessary to stay in from of your computer – that’s pretty awesome!

How to earn some more free coins?

Wohoo! Yep we can do this 🙂 thanks to Coinbase you can earn some extra crypto by simply learning about this. Pretty sure you are skeptical and ask, why would somebody pay you to lear something? Well, that’s pretty simple! There are many interests at a global level to make people use crypto and that’s like a marketing investment. They pay you to learn about it and understand that’s most likely the future money 🙂 that’s the main reason why they are doing this.

Again in Coinbase you can do this and earn up to $130 in crypto currency – go ahead and follow that link and earn those coins.

I will get back in the next coming weeks with some more details on how I use Coinbase, thanks for reading and yes, my advice is to invest a couple of bucks in crypto, you never now what will happen in the next 10 years!

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