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Spark! One of the best email clients for 2020, you should give it a go!

If you read this, pretty sure you’ve Googled it “the best email client“, “top email clients” or similar keywords constructions and believe me I’ve been there!

When you’re using email on a daily basis, it’s mandatory to find an email client that will help you a bit to stay focused and on track with your work. Personally, I’m sending over 10 e-mails per day and on most of them I have to followup in case I get no reply for a period of time so I have to use a CRM (too complex for what I need) or a reminder app but, doh! that’s a lot of extra work for something so simple, why?!

Another thing that I do quite often is to prepare an e-mail a few hours before the time when I should send the message. Most of the time this happens with the messages that contain a lot of data and for which I must do some research. However, once the message is finished, I don’t want to send it right away, I would like to be able to schedule the mail client to send it at a specified date/time … and the reminder app kicks-in once again, damn!

Personally I’m looking to get a little help from any of the apps I’m using, help to do my tasks faster and easier, but there are not so many mail clients doing anything extra except sending and receiving messages. Don’t get me wrong, the most popular apps are doing simple tasks therefore their popularity, I get it, but still, we’re in 2020, and the apps should make our life easier. Evrika! I think I’ve found one mail client that does this and for the past 2 months I’m using it and I’m super happy and satisfied, you’re right, that’s Spark!

Spark is an intelligent mail client that works on Mac, iOS and Android (really sorry Windows users) and comes in 3 flavours.

Personally I’m successfully using the free tier since I’m I don’t need the team features but if you’re part of the team, believe me, you’ll be amazed by what you can do with Spark, I will try to offer you some more details about the most amazing features.

  • Smart Inbox
  • Smart Search
  • Send later
  • Reminder to follow-up
  • Email Signatures
  • Smart Notifications

Smart Inbox

Spark is much more than an email inbox. It’s a smart unified inbox that collects all the emails from all of your accounts and automatically categorizes them for easy processing. As well, with just a swipe, pin important emails to the top of your inbox. This could be tasks you need to do that day or emails with important information. Swipe again to snooze them for another day.

Spark is clever enough to know what type of emails you receive. The inbox automatically sorts new emails into personal, newsletter and notification boxes for easy processing, putting real emails from real people as top priority.

This way, you can make a better idea on what is really important and what can wait for a couple of more minutes until you will have time to read it and if necessary to reply.

Smart Search

Stop having to think like a computer when trying to find your email. Type as you’d think, and Spark will find the email you’re looking for. Looking for an attachment from David? Search for ‘attachment from David‘.

Find an email by searching for a link or file name within the mail itself. Spark will look through all of your emails and find the best matches.

Search queries can be as complicated as you need them to be. You can be super precise by searching for ‘PDF attachments from Alex sent last week on Monday‘.

Send later

Going through your inbox at night but want to send the email later in the morning?Now you can schedule sending when your recipient is most likely to read it.

While in email composer, hit Send Later icon and pick the right time for the message to be sent. Spark will take care of the rest. Basically you can prepare your email hours or even days before the date/time when you want to send it.

Do you want to send some e-mails over the weekend? Schedule them and Spark will do the rest, your collaborators will think you have a secretary sending your e-mails.


Reminder to follow-up

Stay on top of your email follow‑ups. Use follow-up Reminders in Spark to ensure that your message doesn’t end up in limbo. With the builtin Reminders, you no longer have to keep track of all the emails yourself, Spark is on it. So you can focus on more important tasks.

And yes, you don’t need a reminder app just to stay on track with your e-mails, Spark will take care of then and when will be the time will simply pop-up that specific message on the top of your inbox so you can’t miss it – quite awesome and productive, isn’t it?

Email Signatures

Running a startup or even working for a bigger company, there are times when you must wear different hats in order to better do your job. With Spark, before sending an email, you can quickly swipe to choose the right signature.

More then this, you can create complex HTML signatures and remotely load images or icons – very useful for a professional signature.

This can be useful if you are sending e-mails to different people that are on different industries or if you are part of different projects.

Personally I use two signatures, one for the e-mails related to business and the other ones that’s a generic friendly and funny one used when sending messages to friends and family.

Smart Notifications

We all get too many notifications each and every day. Smart notifications mean you’ll only get notified when you receive an email that’s important. Basically Spark will sort the messages that are really important and notify you right away. However, the other ones are still in your inbox but you will not be bothered every few minutes about a new message that could be a newsletter or some sort of notification that’s not so important and require your immediate attention.

Spark’s Smart Notifications work on your Apple Watch as well. Get a friendly tap on the wrist when an important email arrives. You can even reply to the email from the notification.


I hope you could make an idea of what Spark has to offer and believe, you must give it a try! Don’t be skeptical, they are not going to ask you for money, Spark is totally free if you’re not interested in the team features so for single use, it will not cost you any penny.

If you found this article interesting, give it a share and let me know your thoughts down below – cheers!

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