Oldies but goldies

It’s not the first time when I realize music is like wine – it just gets better with age. We had an awesome night last night at Tribeca – a small pub in Iasi city. Had no idea about what it’s going to happen there as without plans we just went there, and we found a retro party in progress.

We danced to the music of Police, Abba, Modern Talking, Queen and many others 20+ years old famous songs. Sorin Lupascu maintained the atmosphere, and he really did a great job.

[wpvideo x6SoYX68]

[wpvideo nLF6I3Us]

Had no idea about this, but after some research, Sorin is kinda legend in our country beeing one of the first DJ in Romania. For nearly four decades Dj Tovarasu as he as nicknamed, combine the 80s rhythms in an unmistakable style.

To sum this up, I had an excellent and different night – thanks, #Tribeca #dontstopmenow 😀

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Welcome back, Spring!