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Just migrated from to WordPress self-hosted ( .org )

I’m pretty sure not the only one that decided to move from .com to .org, however, as a person that works in the web hosting industry, I was expecting to manage this migration fast and without any complications but surprisingly, it was not actually like this and implied a lot of manual intervention.

If you have a free account with, you will not be able to install third-party plugins which means the migration via a plugin is not possible. You will have to handle everything using the basic export option. If you have only a few articles and about 500MB of media, I’m sure the export/import will work smoothly as it worked for me but what if you have thousands of articles?

Anyway, once you import the data to your self-hosted WordPress installation, you will find out that not everything looks exactly as it was on the .com website.

Basically, you get from there only your text (posts, pages, categories, tags) and the media content (images, videos). Since you will use a different theme on your self-hosted WordPress installation, that’s expected for you to manually verify all the articles and make sure everything looks good – in my situation, I had to make small changes on all articles. Tags were missing, not all images were correctly positioned, and on some articles, the categories were not properly selected.

However, after about 30 minutes I’ve managed to migrate everything over but now, I’m questioning myself, there is any good and reliable tool for doing this kind of migrations automatically? Any kind of dedicated service for migrating automatically from to a self-hosted WordPress instance?

I will make some research on this and update this article in the next few weeks. Cheers!


As promised, after some research, here am I with some more details on how you can migrate from to a self-hosted WordPress instance. Well I think I have 2 solutions for you, one costs some money and the other one not. Anyway, the first option is to contact and buy the migration service from CMS2CMS – those guys are amazing and they will handle all the migration process for you. As they say, here are 6 reasons why you should chose them for the migration:

  1. Preserved SEO Juice – automated 301 redirects keep your rankings and visitors after migration
  2. No Coding or Copy/Paste – forget about hours of manual work – a few mouse clicks will do the job
  3. 24/7 Technical Support – you will get every bit of help needed and even more
  4. 15 Minutes Migration – on average, a full-scale CMS migration is a matter of 15 minutes
  5. Migration Insurance – once something went wrong during the migration, you can easily restart the process avoiding additional cost and time waste
  6. Widest Range of Entities Supported – we understand how important your content is, that’s why support the migration of a great entities range

What can I say? That sounds amazing, if you are in this situation like I was and have a couple of extra bucks, for sure you must at least try them!

The second option you have, is to chose as your web hosting company ChemiCloud and the technical support team there will migrate the data for you for FREE. They offer amazing customer service and the quality of the web hosting service is beyond expectation.

With or without pants you have the power to decide!

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