Dragos, where are you?

I know it took me a while to write something but there were so many things happening in my life and each time I tried to write an article, something else appeared 🙂 – however now I did it!

First of all, I’m a proud and happy husband since August 21 – she said yes! It was a beautiful day full of emotions that surely will remain in memory for life.

me  and my wife Iulia – August 21, 2016


Right after the wedding, we decided (me and my wife Iulia) for the honeymoon to travel to more places and the first stop was in Romania ( Gura Humorului ).


Gura Humorului is a small town in southern Bucovina – the town itself doesn’t offer any special tourist attractions, but may be a good place to observe Bucovinian way of life – it’s a fascinating place to visit if you’re looking to relax/disconnect for a few days.

Gura Humorului – Popasul Domnesc

The food is excellent at the most of the restaurants and the locals are very friendly and hospitable – if you have a chance, go for it 🙂

We visited as well …… ah, actually nop! :)) I don’t want to write a lot and to become a boring blogger I’ll end my article here 🙂 LOL, I’ll post more about the other places we visited and as well about many other activities that are eating up all my time in the next days – stay tuned! 🙂

Dragos Boroianu

Hello everyone!

A few days in Sibiu – Romania