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Don’t get bored! Embrace new challenges

I always believed that as an individual, I could evolve and improve my skills only by embracing new challenges and experiencing new things – guess what?! I still believe this and I decided to share with you, what I consider a kind of interesting ongoing experience.

For about six months now, I’m working for ServerSitters, an outsourcing support company that offers awesome customer support for tens or maybe hundreds of companies and, yes, they do a great job. Even, the company is not %100 remote; I must say that I was amazed by the team communication and collaboration. When I first, started to work for them, it was pretty overwhelming because working for a company that offers outsourcing support services is like working for tens of other companies at the same time ( as you might expect, each company have different policies, terms, and even server configurations. )

Maybe it doesn’t sound cozy but believe me is probably one of the best environments to learn a lot when it comes to customer service and technical skills. First of all, I’m working with an awesome group of people in love with helping others and always ready to help their colleagues evolve. To be honest, in the last months working here, I’ve never asked somebody for help, without receiving a detailed answer 🙂 and that’s awesome.

More than this, I’m learning each day something new – being in contact with so many companies for which we offer support, that’s almost impossible to get used to everything and get bored 🙂

Well, that’s it, I’m going to wrap up this article; in about 10 minutes I’m going to start my shift, and I’ll need a coffee first. However, if you’re a customer service agent with some technical background, you should consider giving a try and work for an outsourcing company at some point. You’ll discover new faces of this industry, and I’m confident you’ll add new skills to your resume 🙂 Pssst! we’re hiring.

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