A few days in Sibiu – Romania

A few days ago, we decided to spend the last days of November in Sibiu – the first Romanian city designated to be European Capital of Culture, in 2007.

We wanted to visit Sibiu because we heard too many times about the Christmas Market but we never visited Sibiu for this event – for the 10th year in a row, the Sibiu Christmas Market brings out a festive atmosphere all around the market square. Each year, the event starts on 18th November and ends on 3rd January.

We attended to the Sibiu Christmas Market in November and not in December mostly because we decided to leave December for friends hangouts and family reunions.

We drove about 1000 km in 4 days but it really worths – the views are breath taking.

I’ll not write too many things about Sibiu because I’m pretty sure Wikipedia can give a lot more information than me 🙂 but I’ll share with you a few pictures I took there.

Once we arrived in Sibiu, and checked in at the hotel ( Exclusive Hotel & More – I strongly recommend the hotel and the restaurant, they really do a great job, amazing customer service ) we headed to the old city center for the Christmas Market – here is a 360 degrees video.

[wpvideo 21gYFfR0]

Exclusive Hotel & More restaurant - pork ribsSpeaking about restaurants and food we tried many in Sibiu and all of them are pretty good – you will eat very good in Sibiu and you have a lot of diversity. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures with the restaurants or the food .. actually only one from the Exclusive Hotel & More restaurant. I ate there 2 or 3 times but last day the dish was amazing. I had pork ribs with grilled potatoes and with a sauce of garlic and tomatoes – very tasty!

If you will visit Sibiu, I recommend you to consider this place for your stay 🙂 you’ll not be disappointed. It’s very close to the city center and the services are very good.

There are a lot of amazing places that you can visit in or near Sibiu but I want to mention only two of them. The first one is the Brukenthal Palace and the second one the Clay Castle from Porumbacu de Sus, the wonder from Fairies’ Valley.

The Brukenthal Palace is one of the most significant Baroque buildings in Romania, its construction taking place between the years 1778 and 1788. The building was raised to serve as the Baron’s official residence and a worthy display case for his collections. The place is like a time machine 🙂 it’s a must see if you will visit Sibiu.

Now that we traveled in time and admired the baroque style, let’s go a bit more further to the fairy tales world and let’s visit the Clay Castle.

Clay Castle Romania

In my opinion the perfect place if you want to relax. Unfortunately the castle is not yet complete, and they are still working on this. Soon you will be able to stay here and most probably have a fairy tale vacation ( ).

Have a good one guys and thanks if you read this article, hope you enjoyed!

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