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98 Free Web Tools at Your Fingertips: A Review of

Free Web Tools? Are you tired of juggling multiple websites and paid tools to get the job done? Look no further than, a one-stop shop for all your web-based needs. With a whopping 98 free tools at your disposal, this website has something for everyone.

One of the standout features of is its DNS checker. This tool allows you to check the DNS record of any domain, ensuring that it is set up correctly and functioning as intended. This is especially useful for website owners and IT professionals looking to troubleshoot issues with their domain. also offers a SSL checker, which allows you to verify the security of your website and ensure that it is protected from potential cyber threats. In today’s increasingly digital world, website security is more important than ever, and this tool is essential to keeping your website safe.

Another useful tool on is the user agent finder. This tool allows you to see the user agent string of your browser, which can be helpful for testing and debugging purposes. Additionally, the website offers a URL encoder, which can be useful for encoding special characters in a URL, and an email validator, which allows you to check the validity of an email address.

I know many websites offer this kind of Free Web Tools, but they are all full of ads, and who likes them? I know from my sources this website will never have ads, is a project created not to be monetized with ads, it’s basically sponsored to exist, and the main condition of the sponsorship is never to have ads.

I encourage everyone to at least test these Free Web Tools and also offer feedback on the contact page – I’m confident the team will take into consideration every message they will receive and add new tools every month or improve the ones you already see on the website. If you like the tools and find them useful, feel free to share the website with your friends and colleagues.

I personally sent them by now about 5 e-mails already. I want more details when using the SSL checker tool like: common name, SANs, Organization, Location, when the SSL expires, and the SSL issuer. I was impressed to get a reply back in just a few minutes and the developer that maintain this tool told me this will be done in January – I was blown away. This kind of website is just like open source projects – there are people that want to make the web a better place and offer solutions for free – hats off to them!

Overall, is a valuable resource for anyone looking for a wide range of web tools all in one place. Whether you’re a website owner, IT professional, or just looking to streamline your online workflow, this website has something for you. So why wait? Head on over to and see for yourself all the amazing tools this website has to offer.

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